Recorded live @ Kantine, Augsburg! (05.11. HIGH TRAFFIC pres. BREAK IT DOWN).

Entire – Mosuo Tribe (Onset Audio)
Bad Company – The Nine (Akinsa Redub) (Self Released(Free))
Amit Rani – I’ll Cut You Down (Amar)
Survival & Silent Witness – Fletcher (Homemade Weapons Remix) (Self Released(Free))
Pen – Omikron (Bowsar Remix) (In:Deep Dub)
Rakoon – Sleeping Giants (Paradise Lost)
Gamma & Transparent – We Do (Demand)
Signal – Elle (Self Released(Free))
Resound – Inner Eyes (Survey Remix) (Eternia)
Resound & Quentin Hiatus – Homestar (Free Love Digi)
Tinderbox – Venom (In:Deep)
Nutekk & Arthur – Praha (Free Love Digi)
Parasite feat. MC Markie J – Amok (Dub)
Teddy Killerz- Countdown (Norules Remix)
D Flect – Refraction (Modular Carnage Dub)
Neothrope – Consequention (dub)
Ophlot – Multiform (Cyclone)
Machine Code – Never (Eatbrain)
Bredren & Mc Swift – Control (Demand)
75ins – Silurian (Neurodeep Community(Free))
Dub Phizix – Gaana (Self Released(Free))
DBR UK & Overlook – Stasis (Architecture)
Hydro, War & Mateba – Entropy (Dispatch)
Enei – Slender (Critical)
Response – I Don’t Want To Go Outside (Commercial Suicide)
Fracture & Neptune – The Limt (Astrophonica)
Cuelock – Kraftwerk (Self Released(Free))
Arkaik – The Hustle (Diffrent)
DAAT – Fridge (Overlook Remix) (Detuned Transmissions)
Kit Curse – Abandoned (Cyclone Dub)
DYL & Cult Key – Blocked (feat. Maika) (Self Released(Free))


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