Kit Curse – Deeper Access Podcast (dpr_xs_podcast_28)

“Our 28th dpr_xs_podcast is made by the munich based producer and dj kit curse, who already catched since the first moment we listened his tunes and deep driving sounds. he already released on well-known labels such as Shadowforces, Cyclone and Modular Carnage. Also he runs his own event-series called „Break It Down“ in munich.”

Dyl & Ill K – Esoteric Vision – X3
Ancestral Voices – Burialground
Blanca & Medika – Moveya
Out of Fuel – Harsh Reality
Blocks and Escher – Sagan VIP
VRH – Negro (VIP)
Ahmad & Akinsa – Clarion Call
Raider – Dark Water
Kit Curse – Karma (dub)
Species – Chronos (dub)
Ahmad – Singularity
Kit Curse – Temporary (dub)
Thematic – Elemental
GREAZUS – Braise
Clarity – Fog
Last Life – Wrong Club
Parasite – Collapse
Autosymbol – Agateophobia
Jesta – Houston
Mystic State & Kit Curse – Diablo
SpectraSoul feat. Kenny Knots – Four Points (2016 Vip)
Alix Perez & Zero T – The Ladders
Thematic – Motion
Enei – Analog Desert
Phentix & Signal – Informer
Halogenix – Laika
Royalston feat. August Storm – Jungle Gone Down (Kimyan Law Remix)
Dom Roland – Outcast
Soul Intent – The Dark Robotic Orchestra
Dycide – Crust


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