Bavarian Stallion Series (RFR001 / Out Now Vinyl & Digital)

A1: David Goldberg Revealed His Exceptional Talent Releasing An Extraordinaire Debut Ep On Svs Records. m4l-uv’ Is A Euphoric Breakbeat Track That Won’t Fail To Make You Dance.

A2: Kit Curse Made His Mark Within The Dnb Scene During The Last Years Having Released On Labels Like Cyclone, Onset Audio Or Shadowforces. weird’ Is A Broken Ritual That Reveals The Producers Experimental Side.

B1: zezbo Version’ By Skee Mask Is A Superb Dnb Trip Leading You Through An Industrial Shadow World. The Producer Upholds His Reputation As An Exceptional Artist All Along The Way.

B2: Top Shotta Runs The Uk Bass Orientated Label Ruffhouse. m-performance Riddim’ Somehow Sounds Like A Race And A Fight Both At The Same Time.

B3: The Style Of Bean Is A Postmodern Blend Of Ambient, Idm And Dubstep. tears’ Showcases This Eclecticism Within Just Three Minutes.


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